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About Us

I entered the pet business because I love dogs, and grew up with dogs. I had all types of dogs, BIG and small. Now I also like cats and have two cats that I rescued from the streets. I would always buy accessories and cute clothes for my dog. People would say, "Oh that outfit is so cute, where did you get it from?" and friends would say "That Dog carrier and bed for your dog are nice and adorable, where did you get them from?".

My inspiration to build this website is to sell really cute dog clothes, and all kinds of pet accessories that I had for my pets to people who love and adore their pets. I want people to get great items for their pets as I had for mine.

I believe as you should too that every dog and cat should be given as much love and affection as they give us, unconditional love.

We provide all types of accessories, apparel, shoes, houses, carriers, collars, leashes, and so much more.

We are the biggest sellers in LICENSED SPORTS WEAR, NCAA, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL.

Our dogs and cats are our family and companions, not just our pets.
Our pets deserve to be pampered with all the accessories and clothes they need.
They deserve to be comforted with comfortable beds, warm in the winter with some nice clothes, carried around with nice carriers, fashioned with nice jewelry and looking good and sharp with some great accessories.

After all, DOGS and CATS are a human's best friend!
Also, DOGS and CATS should be friends with each other.

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